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Digital Identity In The Metaverse

David Lucatch is the CEO, President and Chair at Liquid Avatar Technologies, focusing on giving users control over their digital identity

With Facebook’s recent rebranding announcement, many have been asking “What is the Metaverse?” The Metaverse is an immersive digital representation of an environment that can either mirror a conventional environment or be a completely fictional environment (think Star Trek: The Next Generation’s holodeck).

It’s a logical progression from a traditional console or PC video game to augmented and virtual reality. Many video games are linear and involve completing tasks and missions with little flexibility within that world. First-person shooters and role-playing games are immersive and give you more flexibility within the game universe, but your field of view is limited. With the Metaverse, you are fully realized and represented in that environment with endless possibilities. It won't be complete VR from day one, because there's just not enough computing power to keep everyone engaged and running at the same time. But, in short, the Metaverse is going to be an immersive platform people can participate in, socialize through and become a part of.

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