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MetaEstate Announced to Continue to Purchase More Sandbox Estates ...

MetaEstate, a world-famous metaverse construction service provider, announced that since the beginning of 2021, it has successively purchased more than 200 estates from the open metaverse platform The Sandbox, including 6x6, 3x3 and other large estates, and will continue to purchase more estates. Calculated by the average price, these estates are currently worth nearly US$3 million.

In November, the Sandbox raised US$93 million in a Series B funding round led by Softbank Vision Fund 2.

On November 23, The Sandbox announced on its official Twitter account that Adidas Originals acquired a plot of virtual land in The Sandbox metaverse.

Recently, the land price and transaction volume of The Sandbox have also increased significantly. In the last two months, the total transaction volume of The Sandbox estate has increased by about 7 times, and the total number of transactions has increased by about 4 times. The average price of the land has increased from about US$3465 in early November to about US$13918.

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